Friday, November 30, 2012

Interview: A Journey Into Soul With HALLELUJAH TRUTH

An interview about soul and energy with HALLELUJAH TRUTH for people who are wondering and searching.

Maybe it's the human's nature for getting to know who we really are in this world. Are we able to find out the truth of life? I came up with this blog theme because such kind of thoughts(questions) just kept coming into my mind and bother me the most when I was practicing free writing, most of them are still open to me and I decide to have a discussion with someone who have a deep understanding about life.

I was being truly honored to have this interview with HALLELUJAH TRUTH, my dear English teacher in Language Institution of Georgia Tech, on this Thursday. She has a strong spirit for creativity and art, and she also showed her deep thinking with wisdom from her tremendous life experiences during the interview. (See more about her in her website)

Hallelujah Truth and Shell Bean in Language Institution of Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. (photo by Eater)

Shell Bean: Do you believe in soul?

HALLELUJAH: Absolutely! So I believe that in each person there is "something" that is infinite.

Shell Bean: Can we think freely?

HALLELUJAH: That depends on your definition of "freely." We can only perceive as much as we can understand. Therefore, it's our responsibility to cultivate the understanding we have of ourselves in relation to the seen and unseen in the world. To the extent that we can observe and comprehend this relationship of self to the world impacts our ability to think more or less freely.

Shell Bean: However, scientific evidence showed that all human beings are matter-based. Self-awareness, thoughts are just ways to adapt into the environment in evolution, is that shows we can't get rid of the limitation of physical and think freely? What do you think?

HALLELUJAH: I agree that we are limited in our ability to think as "freely" as we might like because of the physical structure of our human brains, but I believe we can develop and refine our brains' abilities to perceive reality. During the course of our lives, we also struggle with the restraints we experience in our different environments of home, school, and work. So I think that if we are seeking to liberate our thought processes and experience "soul," our lives can be a constant process of understanding what those restraints or chains are and then breaking out and moving away from them as one might escape from a prison.

Shell Bean: It was been said that we are not sure for anything except we are doubting itself. What if we had some experiences that can't be proven?
And how can we distinguish the reality from fantasy?

HALLELUJAH: I can only answer that question partially. First, I think you have to pay attention to your intuition, which many people might call fantasy. Then you need to test your ideas and feelings--this intuition-- in the physical world and see what you can learn. Listening to one's perceptions filtered through the emotions is valuable albeit an intangible experience. This listening to one's intuition, heart, soul is a treasure which can help you navigate yourself wisely through your life.

Shell Bean: What is the relationship between soul and energy?

HALLELUJAH: My husband is a scientist, and he believes that our souls are part of the energy of nature and that when we die, that energy will be recycled in nature. I believe that soul is that collection of recyclable molecules and much much more. Soul is more than the sum of its parts, or energy (this is synergy). We are more than the sum of the energy contained in our physical bodies. I don't have any proof to support this, only a feeling--my treasure of intuition. An English professor of mine in graduate school made the distinction between the word, "human," which represents our physical body, and the phrase, "human being," which expands our physical selves to a progressive of BE-ing.

Shell Bean: People sometimes lose their courage, energy to fight and even get themselves lost, what happened to them and their souls?

HALLELUJAH: Unfortunately, there are many circumstances that do not support an individual's physical and spiritual growth. Life is such a long journey whether you believe it is limited to one life time or multiple incarnations. What is lost, I believe, can always be found. And I believe the soul is never lost, just imprisoned or confined waiting to be released. I continue to be inspired by stories of individuals who triumph despite their dire circumstances of poverty, abuse, and emotional challenges.

Shell Bean: Is it necessary to stop for a while to find the path out when we get stuck?

HALLELUJAH: Of course, one must be rested to take a trip. The journey of the soul requires us sometimes to pause. Just like animals that hibernate in the winter or trees that drop their leaves in the fall. We humans are part of this cycle of death and resurrection whether that be literal or figurative.

Shell Bean: Dear Hallelujah, from your blog, you showed a strong spirit of creative for art, what makes you fond of it?

HALLELUJAH: Thank you for looking at my blog. We must all find our individual pathway to BE here on this Earth. For me, speaking the language of the heart and soul is my pathway. Making visual images is the physical manifestation of the "energy" of my brain, but it is also feels larger than that. I have been working on creating a system of symbols to express ideas of my emotions and perceptions. What is amazing is how these symbols can be understood differently by each person that looks at them. I love interacting with people who want to discuss their reactions to my art and share their own creative ideas. That is why I have started my blog--to meet like-minded SOULS!

PLANTING THE SEEDA beautiful picture created by Hallelujah Truth, see more on her blog.

Shell Bean: You seem are happy on every day, which affected us a lot, what is the secret to be happy?

HALLELUJAH: (laughing) Ask my husband if I am happy every day! In part, some of what you see when I arrive to class is cultural. We Americans smile a lot more than people from other cultures, for example, your Chinese culture. What is the secret to being happy? I consider myself a Spiritual Art Pilgrim on the quest to find the answer to that very question. To you and your classmates, I can say one important ingredient is striving for and experiencing your own AUTHENTICITY. Be GENUINE. Be YOURSELF. Experiencing who you are, listening to your needs and desires will take you far along the highway of the HAPPY LIFE. This is not being selfish. Others need you to be taking care of yourself and your own happiness. They can't give it to you or divine what it is you need. That is your work to do so that you are a well-adjusted and content person. 

Hallelujah Truth in Language Institution of Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia, USA. (photo by Shell Bean)

Shell Bean: For the people who are lost and run out of their energy, do you have any suggestions for them?

HALLELUJAH: Don't make happiness a destination. It is not even an appropriate goal. Instead, begin each day by asking these questions: "What do I NEED right now? What actions do I need to take to address those needs? How can I enlist other people to help me in meeting my needs?" Then be open and listen to others. What do they need? I believe being a good listener both to yourself and others is a good way to recover lost energy. Reciprocity is also very important. The world is rich with the energy of mutuality.

Shell Bean: That's all of my questions; I appreciate you for your wonderful answers in this interview.

HALLELUJAH: Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak about a topic that I am passionate about and believe is important. You are a very special person to have asked me these relevant questions. I would like to reciprocate and interview you! Will you let me do that?

Shell Bean: Thanks for your invitation; surely I'd like to accept the interview from you if you don't mind my terrible expression in English especially in this area (laughing). It's been great talking with you, I have learnt a lot from you today, thank you, Hallelujah.


  1. You have really made me feel very special by conducting this interview with me. I found your questions fascinating. I will continue to think about them in the upcoming days.

    You have created a great deal of curiosity for me. I wonder who you are that you thought about these questions to ask me. Of course, you named your blog, "Soft Suspended Soul," and that was a hint that you think about matters of "being"!

    I look forward to talking to you more about these issues.

    1. Glad you think in this way, these questions are huge and it takes time to answer maybe, hope they are not annoying. Anyway, thanks for you answers to let me have the chance to know the beliefs of you and American people which helped me a lot.

    2. Shell Bean...I laughed when I read that I am representing what Americans think. You might need to ask more citizens of the United States before you make the assumption that I am representing a cultural opinion.

    3. Okay, That's true, we are different from everyone else, so you are the first one I interviewed. I need to talk to more people but it's quite hard to talk about these topics with some random guys.